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Pipelife este un producător internațional lider de soluții de conducte durabile care conectează oamenii și comunitățile cu apă, energie și date. Scopul nostru este să oferim mijloacele necesare de infrastructură pentru a crea o viață mai sigură, sănătoasă și mai fără griji pentru generațiile actuale și viitoare. Fie că este în spatele zidurilor, în podele sau subteran, soluțiile noastre pot fi ascunse, dar ele fac întotdeauna parte din viața ta.

Oamenii sunt mai puternici împreună și nu există excepții. Angajații noștri, partenerii și clienții noștri fac parte din familia Pipelife și împreună putem forma un viitor mai incluziv și mai durabil. Serviciul nostru merge mult mai departe decât catalogul nostru de produse. Fie că lucrați cu un coordonator, planificator sau consilier Pipelife, specialiștii noștri sunt întotdeauna la îndemână pentru a vă sprijini cel mai bine nevoile și a crea cele mai viabile soluții pentru proiectele și afacerea dvs.

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Doris Strohmaier - Chief Operating Officer Central Europe and Balkans

Pipelife: your #caring partner

Together, we lay the foundations of infrastructure, the lifelines of our communities. We firmly believe that in doing so, it is our responsibility to protect and to improve our world’s economic, environmental and social systems, for current and future generations.

Our focus is on offering secure and ecological solutions, which are produced with the least possible environmental and social impacts, while keeping our people and communities healthy and safe.

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Pipelife: your #future oriented partner

We will not sit back and wait for the future to happen. Climate change, pollution, urbanization, a faster than ever changing, data driven society, new technologies, etc. these are some of the buzzwords of our time. We see these as a call to action for taking the future into our own hands.

With innovative solutions and digital advancements, we are able to anticipate future needs and to provide the necessary flexibility that allows us to swiftly adapt to the unpredictable. We do the thinking ahead for you.

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Pipelife: In for #collaboration

Each of us is uniquely different in having our own set of strengths. By uniting our know-how, skills, experience and creativity, we are able to achieve so much more together, than we ever could alone.

We all want a healthier environment, to improve our living comfort, and safeguard the wellbeing for current and future generations. Let’s partner up and grow our skills together, turning purpose into performance and goals into achievements.

Pipelife Partnership

Pipelife: Your #local partner

With locations in 27 countries, you have access to a pool of global experts ready to meet your local needs. Our presence in your country doesn’t just mean having a sales representative there. Wherever you are based, our expert teams are on hand to provide guidance throughout your projects, from inception and design, to installation and after care support.

By combining our global expertise with on the ground insights from our network of professionals, we equip your projects with national as well as international quality standards and tailored solutions to fit your market requirements. 

Pipelife Locations Map

Your #career at Pipelife

Each of our more than 2,700 employees working across 27 locations, has his and her own individual set of skills, know-how and unique approach. Yet there is a common purpose that binds us all together: to safeguard and improve the standard of living for current and future generations.

We believe that a company is only as good as its people. Therefore our priority is on providing fair, safe and respectful working conditions, with the right stimuli to grow and thrive. It is our employees who shape and grow our trusted brand worldwide.


Pipelife Facts and figures

Pipelife was founded in 1989 as as a joint venture of Solvay (Belgium) and Wienerberger (Austria) with activities in Austria, France and Germany. Since 2012, Pipelife is fully owned by Wienerberger. 

With our headquarters based in Vienna, Austria, in the Wienerberger House, we are today actively present in 27 countries, also exporting our solutions to countries around the world. 

Employees: 2756 

740,000 km of our pipes have been installed in 2019. 



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Our global Pipelife Group is organised around two leadership entities: the Managing Board and the Extended Management Committee.

The Pipelife Managing Board is the steering team for the Pipelife Group and responsible for all business operations and developments for the Group's strategy. The Extended Management Committee supports the Managing Board with all business and strategy operations

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